Will HD7950 be bottleneck by i3 2120?

Hello. I would like to know whether HD7950 GPU will be bottleneck by i3 2120 CPU? Currently using HD6870 and the CPU seems okay.
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  1. upgrade to an i5 otherwise it will be a waste of money as it will bottleneck alot of the gpu's capability.
  2. i'm sure it'll be ok in almost all case, the only case an I3 isn't the best is in multithreading and the only game that use more than 2 core is BF3...

    For now, it's ok but when newer games will comes out, you'll need more than 2 cores+HT (eventually)
  3. Go with hd 7950.There will be no bottleneck in most games just in cpu intensive games like bf3(multiplayer).even with bottleneck you will easily get playable fps.
  4. Yep, depends on the game. Its a good deal if you don't play many CPU intensive games, or ones that take advantage of more than 2 threads.You should be fine with a i3 2100 just keep in mind you will have a little bottleneck but overall you should be o.k.
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