Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850

Basically, I just wanted to know the ups and downs of both of these and just these and to know overall if the 7850 is still good for its price or if i should step it up.
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  1. Well it all depends on what your expecting with AMD’s Radeon HD 7850, we’re going to see excellent gaming performance with the card being capable of playing most of today and more than likely tomorrow’s most graphically demanding games at medium to high settings at 1080p.If you can get hold of a 7870 tahiti le, it would be better than both of those, but what are the rest of your system specs first?
  2. The difference is not generally that big ~$30. My first option is to take the 660. I always tell people to go and buy the best GPU you can. I will give you two other options but. First, get the 7870+ (I like to call it the 7930)


    $30 more than the 660. Performs like a 7950

    The second option is to buy a 7850 and save money take a look at this:


    I can tell it's pretty good. I have the 2GB version. The difference between this card and the 660 is a mere $60.

    If you want a good illustration of how they perform in-game, Look at this picture

    (embedding it here would make an annoying lengthy picture).
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