HELP i am getting terrible performance out of my r7970 crosfire setup

HELP I just finished installing windows 7 and all the drivers for my hardware and the first thing i did was do a fresh download of minecraft just to see the frame-rate and my 2 radeon 7970 lightning edition video cards (in crossfire) only got me 59-61 fps with all default settings this is vary scary to me, because people with just one get 60-70 fps on bf3 with ultra settings!

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  1. Minecraft does not support Sli or Crossfire. It's Java based and mostly CPU dependent.
  2. when I disabled v-sync I got to 100fps... so that means that to some extent it is graphics dependent more than allot of people think btw i have a core i5 3570k i noticed that the blue LEDs on my cards would change randomly from on/ off to flickering on one card and some are on but most are entirely off on my second card did I do the crossfire bridges wrong, or is it a defect i opend my case and made sure the set of two 8 pin connectors were secure on each card

    I am seriously scared
  3. Well try another game. Minecraft isn't really a game that supports Crossfire, because it definitely doesn't require it.
  4. sorry for the terrible grammar im just really scared that i broke $1000 worth of graphics :S

    Please help!
  5. VSync locked your frame rates to 59-61 because your monitor refresh rate was probably 60 Hz. It is still highly CPU dependent like anort3 said though.
  6. OK ill try counter-strike?
  7. i have a 120 hz moniter
  8. Counter-strike isn't really a game that needs Crossfire either. Try something running on a DX11-based engine. If you want more than 60 FPS, don't use Vsync. Some games have the option to set it to match 120Hz refresh rate, but are quite rare.
  9. I could download arma2 or planitside2 or borderlands2 (interesting that wasn't intentional)
  10. ^ This.

    Stop testing your $1000 GPUs on Indie and Source games. Try something like Far Cry 3.
  11. Don't have far cry yet :/ and does anyone know the explanation for the flashing/off LEDs.

    Is there graphics testing software that's safe to download?
  12. Like the others said, sli or xfire doesn't accelerate every game.
    There is something that might help......I don't know about ati (I use sli) but you might be able to set up a custom xfire profile (or improve an existing one) if a game doesn't have one.
    Additionally, confirm xfire operation, efficiency and any activated/improved profiles using a gfx card monitoring tool (I use evga precision x).
  13. Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Crysis 3 along with Far Cry 3 are the only games I can think of out now or coming soon that would even stress 2 x HD 7970s. Hopefully you are running at least a single 2560 x 1600 monitor or a 3 monitor setup at 5760 x 3240. If you are running a single 1920 x 1080 setup you have some serious overkill.
  14. I was thinking about getting more monitors or recording game-play.

    my problem would have been solved at minecraft isn't graphics dependent, but the LED's are giving me a terrible feeling.

    does the v-sync at 60 mean that its not detecting my 120hz monitor,and does arma2 utilize crosfire, because i plan on playing allot of dayz and i have chysis three because it came with my video cards

    sorry i have so many sum-what irrelevant questions.
  15. Arma 2 does support Crossfire. Just google it.

    You have Crysis 3? Pretty amazing since the game is not released until Tuesday. ;)

    I have not seen the benchmarks on Crysis 3 yet but Crysis and Crysis Warhead were amazingly demanding in their day. To the point that even the newest hardware could not max the games. Crysis 2 looks great but was not so demanding on the hardware that was newest when it was released.

    Metro 2033 is a beast if you just want to see how good your system is. It's the only game I have played so far that I have to turn way down to make it perform well on my 2 1/2 year old GX 460 1GB at 1920 x 1080. The new game Metro Last Light should be out in March.

    Far Cry 3 is also very demanding.
  16. ik ik but somehow i do have it its a cupon thing idk how it works and sorry for asking a stupid question question its like 3:00 in the morning for me :(
  17. the LEDs are still killing me I gtg soon get some sleep so if I don't respond for a while...
    for now 'm here are the do the LEDs mean its not connected properly?
  18. I don't know why people are telling you to buy games that's just plain stupid (unless you plan to play them).

    There are free bench marking tools out there. Example unigine. It will test your cards as it does scale so you can run it with crossfire disabled, and then enable to test your scores. Which at the very least will give you a ball park number.

    As far as the led not sure. Maybe it's shutting off the card not in use. I know mine will show 0 power 0 fan speed when not in use (second card). So maybe it's just a power saving feature.
  19. I hope your right Ill try unigine. please continue to troubleshoot.

    thank you all so much for sticking with me.
  20. (Fast torrent download)
    (Mirrored by techPowerUp)
    (Mirrored by Guru3D) which one should I use?
  21. Techpowerup
  22. OK, I ran unigine on ultra with 4x antinitalising <---or hover its spelled, and avraged like 100 something fps all the LEDs lit up and became stable when I ran the test, and the gpu didn't go over 70c it had no indication as to weather I was using crossfire, its said x1 after 7900 series so does this mean I was only using one even tho the leds turned on for the second one aswell, and if so is everything normal?
  23. How do I post pictures on the forum? I have some benchmarks I want to show you and get feedback on.
  24. OK I thought that everything was going good, but then i loaded up arma 2 and there was noticeable mouse delay (on med-high settings with no v-sync) until I put the settings on vary low then there was less is this just a bug in arma 2 or are the cards defective?

    both tests with unigine (haven benchmark) had all default except I changed it to ultra and 4xAA on full screen

    one card (non crosfire): average fps:81.0 score:2040

    both cards (crossfire enabled) average fps:114.8 score: 2892

    Please tell me if these benchmarks seem normal.
  25. Google will answer these questions a lot faster than we can. :)

    Your benchmarks look about perfect. The version of the benchmark and the driver version wil make a small difference.
  26. lol thanks so much (I chose my username delicately)
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