Help me choose Graphics card for AMD A6 3670K

I prefer $100-$150 And this is for gaming
 Motherboard: Jetway TA55M-L FM1 Pci-e x16 
Ram 8gb ddr3 
Cpu AMD A6 3670k (i don't want the integrated dual graphics)
 PSU 500watt

I would love to run Gta 4 with ultra setting at 1680x1050 (if possible)
Or crysis 3 with medium and decreased resolution its ok too

Also, I don't wanna upgrade my CPU, but if it's really really necessary, maybe I will, as long as it's not above 100$

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. If I would recommend a Radeon HD 6000 series GPU for you, but you might need to upgrade your CPU because its likely that a bottleneck will occur, your RAM is fine, and your PSU should be fine :D
  2. Alright then , would you recommend a HD 6770, HD 7770 or HD 6850?
    Also, what types of CPU do i need? Should i change my mobo to..? Hehe sorry i am newbie here :D
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  4. 7770 or 7850, the 6770 isn't reall a viable gaming card anymore, and 6850 cost as much as a7850 now, which is much better. Or a 650Ti, if you want something between the two.
  5. 7850 yeah thank you
    And what processor? And a mobo because my current one didn't have any AM3 socket
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