Need help for hd 6770 ...on pcie 1.1...

hello ..frendz today I got to know that my mobo has a PCI 1.1 only...& my hd 6770 requires PCI 2.1 .....the gpu is working well I Question is that installing it in 1.1 will effect it's performance or not....or I must get a new mobo but I don't have a budget now...
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  1. Your card is perfectly backwards compatible with your slot. It slows the actual bus by 1/2 but that shouldn't affect your graphical experience at all. A new motherboard with the same processor and ram would not speed things up very much.
  2. can I gain some fps in games if I instal it on pci 2.1 or 3.0..
  3. Minimal if any improvement. Not worth it unless you upgrade your processor and ram, too.
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