GTX 660 TI horrible FPS

Hello, I just installed a GTX 660 TI and for the first two days playing DayZ (my main game) I was averaging 55 Fps on very high settings. Then all the sudden I started playing one day and now I can barely manage to average 25 fps. I changed nothing and everything is still the same. Drivers are up to date and all. Here are the specs.

Intel i7 quad core 920
8 Gb Ram
Alienware Motherboard

Monitoring Specs:
Cpu usage- 25-30%
Processor- 2.94GhZ
Temp- 130 F
Core Count- Constantly changes from 1-4
Gpu Usage- 45-60%
Gpu Temp- 40-50 C

Any advice would help. If you could use any more info please please let me know.

PS. when I play CS:GO i average on high setting 160 FPS up to 215 fps.
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  1. I would suggest you try reinstalling the game
  2. maggotware?
  3. ok I will give that a shot.. Thanks for the quick reply!!
  4. And online game that us buggy like dayz can not put out consistent frames
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