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I am building my first computer and I've been wanting to buy this graphics card

I'm just wondering if it's worth the cash and if its a good card compared to the other graphic cards in that price range. If not could i get a recommendation?
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  1. Im not expert but you im going by waht i have been told that this is the best bang for you buck :D i like asus too and they are fast too better than nvidia hope i could help
  2. Yes, it is a very good card. I put that same card in my grandson's PC I built for him. No game he has cannot run at fast frame rates at 1920x1080 at max/near max settings.
  3. @RossIrl My 7850 is over clocked at 1ghz and is not far behind a 7870. Budget wise, the 7850 is an excellent card. It may not last much longer than a year or two for high graphics though
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