27" monitor lagging with GTX 670?

HI everyone, I received my new monitor today, the link to which is given below:


It is a 1080p 27" LED monitor, which I upgraded to from a 19" Samsung. Lol!

Here's the problem, when using my 19" monitor, all my games run at around 60Fps consistently. which is good. However, since using my new 27" monitor, I have been experiencing lag the like of which I've never seen. I understand that a larger monitor will use more resources, but surely a GTX 670 2Gb would take this as a walk in the park? Anyway, what I would like to know is have I just made a HUGE mistake buying a larger monitor? I regularly hear about people running 27" monitors from 580's for gods sake. My friend is running a 42" from a 660Ti!!! What am I doing wrong?

Please help me, Skyrim withdrawals are already encroaching!
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  1. I think you may have something else going on with your system. Before I built the i5 3570k rig I am using now I was on a AMD FX-8120 running at 4GHz with just a multiplier OC with 16gig G Skill DDR3 1600 running a Gigabyte GTX 670 with 3x Asus 27" 1080p monitors. That system had no problems at all. With the exception of a lower OC and the motherboard, I had a MSI 890FXA-GD70, the hardware was close. Resolution and not screen size is what will impact the performance. What resolution were you running your 19" monitor at?
  2. It runs at 1360 x 768. =P I'd be mighty P***ED if it turns out my 670 wont power this monitor. I'm using it right now and even as I type there's lag between me pressing the key to it appearing on screen. I had none of these problems on my old monitor?!?! I have tried playing games at a lower graphics setting and they run nice and smooth. so it is only when I wt to do something demanding.
  3. You are pushing twice as many pixels at 1920 x 1080 than you were at 1360 x 768. I'll bet ya also pushed up the game quality settings. And while the AOC does very well in response time "for an IPS panel", it still won't keep up with a comparably priced TN panel.


    even as I type there's lag between me pressing the key to it appearing on screen

    You are talking about "input lag". The AOC has been tested at 5.1 ms


    Class 1) Less than 16ms / 1 frame lag - should be fine for gamers, even at high levels

    Class 2) A lag of 16 - 32ms / One to two frames - moderate lag but should be fine for many gamers. Caution advised for serious gaming and FPS

    Class 3) A lag of more than 32ms / more than 2 frames - Some noticeable lag in daily usage, not suitable for high end gaming

    You should be seeing 75 - 110 fps in Skyrim with a 670 depending on settings @ 1920 x 1080
  4. Do you have the other monitor plugged in? If so is the graphics card running in single display performance mode or multidisplay performance mode? Are the power settings set to prefer maximum power? Or using adaptive? All of these options can effect game performance in some degree.
  5. Did you hook it up with a vga cable or hmdi cable?
  6. check the monitor refresh rate. and look in the nvidia control panel to see if it actually "sees" the proper monitor.
  7. Personally I'm using a 40" Samsung 1080p screen with my GTX 670 and have zero problems with lag. Of course displays vary, but the AOC specs sound ok.

    Try going into your resolution settings (in the nvidia control panel) and confirming that you are at 1920x1080 @ 60hz. If it's 24hz or similar you'll get the lag you mentioned. Are you using HDMI to connect?
  8. I didn't increase my game settings because they were all already maxed out, and they played fine on my 19" monitor @60Fps (The maximum for that monitor).

    As far as the input lag goes, I realise that 5ms is more than adequate, but it still doesn't explain the lag when my other monitor had none?

    Skyrim is my main game, and I am only getting 18Fps. Max. Admittedly I am playing with everything maxed out and with a HD texture pack from the Skyrim Nexus, but again, it ran fine on my old monitor. The same goes for my other games, such as Assassins Creed 3 and Mercenaries 2. Both played fine on my old monitor, but have lost 70% of frame rates on new monitor?
  9. I am using an HDMI, and an expensive one, not a cheap crappy thing.

    I have set everything in the Nvidia control panel accordingly, setting it to single display performance, and I can confirm that I am running at 1080p @60Hz. Adaptive Vsync is off, and I am only using 1 monitor.
  10. has top be something simple. go to windows update. install what it has.
  11. Nice thought. No windows updates available at the minute though. I am now updating my GPU drivers though, I was on 306 and am installing 314. I'll see if that helps?
  12. well I'll be as happy as a boy who's just found what he thought to be a dung beetle in his cookie but actually turned out to be an exceptionally large piece of chocolate!

    By simply updating my GeForce drivers I have solved all of my problems. No more input lag, no more game lag, and I can finally go to sleep! XD I just tried out Skyrim on ultra and I was getting the max 60Hz. Now time to try and up the refresh rate I think. It can be upped to around 100Hz on this model apparently.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for all your help, and a special thanks to swifty_morgan, who gave me the idea to look at my GPU drivers!

    This thread can now be closed. =)
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