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So I currently have 2 Radeon 7950 graphics cards which im not happy with. the crossfire is ***, and I am just unhappy. I have a 700W power supply, sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboard, and amd fx-8350 processor. I'm currently looking to buy either the gtx 680, or the radeon 7970. I will not be overclocking, but i want a graphics card that will still do the job of running most games on max settings. I have over built my computer, but have run into problems which are described here:http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/385523-31-gaming#t2916383

anyway, if anyone has suggestions that would be great, with explanation why. also i do not think i will be using sli or crossfire, as i have had the shittiest time with it over the past few years.
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  1. I have had better luck with SLI than CF but everything turned out OK if I followed these rules:

    1. Don't bother w/ cards under $200
    2. Never put a 3rd card in CF
    3. Be patient waiting for CF profiles on new games

    I'd stick with the 7950s for now and maybe see what Titan brings to the table....or wait for the next gen cards.
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