ATI 7850 + Intel HD + Virtu MVP??

Hi all, straight up answer does Virtu MVP work?

I have done a bit of testing with my (All OC'ed) ATI 7850 (1150/5800) + HD2000 (1250/1387) + Virtu MVP

ASUS P8Z77-M Pro
i5 3210 2.9ghz @3.5ghz
8GB DDR 3 1333mhz @1387mhz
MSI R7850 2GB TFIII OC 900/4800 Stock

Even at stock i still get terrible FPS & tearing on most games with Virtu MVP, but far cry 3 and most wanted 2012 seemed to work ALOT better than without it (as in just the 7850), defo with the oc'ed settings and v-vsync...

Fps = +/- 5-20 on diffrent games........

It seems to me this setup behaves so diffrent with diffrent games its untrue, is there anyone else with this kind of setup???

I play Far cry 3, Most Wanted, The Run, Sleeping Dogs, Starcraft 2, Farcry 3, BF3, SF X T, etc quite new games....

Thanks for your replys :D

PS i know my HD2000 is s***e lol :D
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  1. You need D3DOverrider and how you don't know that after years I don't know. VirtuaMVP works best (and I think only) with games on it's supported list. Otherwise every human alive is using D3DOverrider to enable triple buffering and vsync in DirectX. Graphics drivers only enable triple buffering on OpenGL but this utility can force it on D3D games. I've done everything for you here
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