Do monitors need drivers?

I was recently given a 23" wide-screen Acer to replace my old 19" square Dell. So I hook it up to my video card (Radeon 6870) using the same DVI connector and start playing BF3. And it worked great! For the first 45 seconds. Then it goes black-screeen for 1/2 second. And every 30 to 45 seconds it continues that. Obviously frustrating. I noticed it only does that when playing the game, but not when surfing the web.?.

In any case, I decided to hook my regular 32" flat screen tv just to see what happens and the exact same thing.... works great, then 1/2 sec of black-screen. I eventually hooked up my old square Dell monitor and sure enough, no problems whatsoever.

So what's the deal? Do I need to download a driver when hooking up new monitor or new tv? Or is my video card not sufficient to play High settings on BF3 with a wide-screen? Any ideas?

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  1. While they don't actually use a driver many people believe the info file that contains the monitors supported resolutions and refresh rates to be drivers.

    It sounds as if it might be heat related. More pixels of the larger monitors could be causing the card to overheat because its working much harder than on the Dell. Try monitoring the temperatures while this happens.
  2. Thanks. I'll run a temperature program while I play the game and see.

    I mentioned it to a friend today who guessed it might have something to do with the resolution and the game is trying to re-size it or something.?. ?

    I'll look for the driver for the Acer monitor, but what about TVs? Are there TV drivers available to download?
  3. Not really, it should get transferred in automatically (Plug N Play) when you connect DVI or HDMI. For a VGA connection see the tv's manual for the supported resolutions.
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