No display after windows update on 02/14/2013

Last year I purchased and installed an Nvidia 560ti, 2g in my computer which is otherwise a stock xps 8300. I know that the psu and the nvidia requirements were a bit close but I gave it a go anyway.
The card has been working immaculately especially compared to the ati 6450hd that the computer came with. No problems at all until last week when I installed a new windows update.

Since the restart after the windows update, the bios screen loads, the windows start up screen will show up and then instead of the log in screen the monitor shows "No input available" and then the monitor goes into standby, the computer continues to run.
When I hard restart the computer and run it in safe mode, i have a display that works just fine though it runs in an ancient resolution. I have from that point tried uninstalling the nvidia driver and then restarting the computer. When I do this, I do have a display and in regular mode this time and windows recognizes the card and I have let windows find the driver only to restart back to the "no input" problem. I have went through the reinstall steps several times now and installed almost every driver nvidia has available for my card and system to no avail.

Yesterday I opened the bios (which is very far beyond what I know how to do with computers as installing a video card is the peak of my experience with computers) and saw that under the graphics card, multi monitors was disabled and I had an option to change it to "auto" which i did. The display worked flawless as it had the last few months but once it was shut down and started back up, returned to the "no input" problem. Any further messing with the graphics bios has yielded now further results.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

edit: I have also reverted back to configurations dating a few days before the update and that hasn't change any result either.

Also, I want to thank everyone that posts on here. I have learned so much about computers and theory and equipment from reading these forums and this carried me through my card selection and installation process so thanks again.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    I pray for no blood

    In safe mode roll back the driver for your video card to a older one.

    in device manager.

    Thanks for the reply anonymous1, I just checked for this and the rollback option was grayed out. Possibly having something to do with uninstalling and removing my drivers before trying to restart and install newer/old drivers ?
  2. Problem solved. This time when I was reinstalling the nvidia driver, I clicked on custom install and it gave me the option to do a "clean install." For whatever reason, this worked and has continued to work through a half a dozen off-on cycles.
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