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Hello forum
Just signed up here, today after getting a serious problem with my pc.

I was playing a game while my pc froze. So i restart my computer directly and while my pc boots i see messed up graphics for my hardware logos. This confirmed me, even before my pc started, that something had gone wrong with my 3d card.
As windows booted up i log into 800x600 resolution (not what i use). Then i find out from Device Manager that windows is stopping my XFX 9800GT display adapter. Exact error was "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

This is what i have tried so far:

1. Removing display drivers from Add and Remove Software and reinstalling them manually. Did not work. Driver installs ok but it still says that "stopped" message in device manager.

2. Letting windows update download the driver. Which it did, but after it was not installed. Got an error message "code 80070002".

3. Tried Driver Sweeper in safemode and installed drivers. After restarting getting same error in device manager.

Problem im getting is that now most of my other pc software is not working, like firefox, windows messenger etc. It just says ABC.exe has stopped working. Plus any kind of text is now slightly hazy. Like water dropped on ink writing. But i guess that is to be expected when there is no video driver installed.
By the way im using Windows 7 Home premium 32 bit.

What do? :S
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  2. From the behaviour that you described I think that there is a graphics card problem not a driver problem. I mean, there is physical damage to your graphics card.

    Try one of the following:
    1) use another video card in your computer;
    2) use your video card in another computer.

    If the card is under waranty, then send it back.
  3. I tried the stock card on my motherboard, seemed to work for a while. But then i started getting that blue "dumping memory" screen. I figured that it was because of the various 3d drivers on my pc now :P so i gave it a complete format. All seems fine now on my stock card.
    Will check my 9800 on friends pc, but do you think it has a problem? Since it was my video adapter and i was getting display via it. Windows just "stopped" it from working for some reason.
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