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Have recently bought dell i7 x64 bit win 8 desktop. For first few weeks fine however over the last week download speeds are crap. Re booted router , checked virus, malware etc no probs.
Running a win 7 pc via remote desktop I get 43mb spped via however on win 8 pc via IE the speedtest will not even load!!

Both PCs on ethernet.
Other PCs in house running fine via wireless , all on same router!!!

any sugeestions!!
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  1. download and use a new browser (chrome/firefox/etc)
  2. IE10 is actually much faster then IE9. The reason speedtest may not work depends on a couple things. Are you trying to run the speedtest in the metro IE or desktop IE? If metro, try running it in desktop IE.

    If the speedtest needs Java installed you might need to do that.

    Make sure there isn't something else running in the background using taskmanger.
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