Wifi internet suddenly stops working

Both me and my sister have Dell laptops (same exact model) that we've had since xmas, but today suddenly both laptops lost the ability to connect to our home wifi network. I've tried resetting the router (verizon FIOS), restarted both computers, etc. but none of that worked. Strangely my dad's macbook pro connects just fine and so does my desktop computer (ethernet) and iPhone. Also, the laptops work if I connect them to an ethernet cable, so I know its the wifi. The laptops can see the wifi networks but they are unable to make the connection.

I have a feeling its either an update to the OS (Win 7 x64) or the NOD32 av software which is causing the issue. I don't know what's up but any info would be beneficial.
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  1. have you tried temporarily disabling the NOD32?
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