Wanting to use 2 Graphics card for gaming

So my friend got me a Alienware M18x and wanting to use know how to use the 2 680's for gaming? Im assuming they don't
just automatically run together but have to setup?
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  1. odds are that if you have 2 680Ms in your laptop, dell has already set it up so that the 2 chips inside run in SLI mode out of the box.

    and for the price of 2 680ms, i could have bought myself a desktop that could run things at max settings for cheaper
  2. Wow! What an awesome friend haha. Yeah if it pre-ordered dual 680 then its already on. If not you can go to NVIDIA settings and switch it on
  3. Friends with benefits? Or just a rich friend lol.

    If the computer came with the 2 graphics cards, it should turn on automatically.
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