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I think i asked this a couple days back, but wanted to make sure. So I think in Q4 the amd hd 8xxx and gtx 7xx are going to released but I am running on a integrated card. What would you suggest? Get a top end card now? Or get something like hd7870/gtx 660/ti for the meantime and upgrade later? I got a budget of $500+ so I don't mind. Thank you for any advice!
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    7970 Radeon is the best card on the market atm compared to the price.
    GTX 680 is beaten hands down by the 7970 as well as it costs a lot more.
    Now if you plan to play with just 1 monitor the 3 gb will be more than enough.

    You could ofc wait for the next gen, but as i said above the 7970 is a rly good choice no matter which brand.
  2. You can always buy now, then when the new series of cards come out sell your card and upgrade a newer one.
  3. argh site derped up and i ended up double posting. :??:
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