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How to fully remove my old ATI graphics drivers?

February 19, 2013 1:45:58 AM

I have an amd chipset (phenom ii 830 2.8ghz, POS) and my old video card was a amd HD5450. I just purchased a gtx660ti graphics card by nvidia and I was wondering what I should do before I install it.
I'm thinking it might just be easiest to just completely re-install windows onto the machine, since I've crapped it up so much over the years with junk that I don't want. How long (estimate) would this take? A few hours? a day? 10 Years? lol. My friend installed a ssd into his old computer and did a fresh install of windows 7, but i remember him complaining a ton about getting all of the drivers (he was saying he had to download 100s of them lol, and then he missed one and had to do it again).

Also, is there a good starter guide to overclocking? I'd like to be able to control the fan speeds and clock speeds and stuff on my new card. I don't care about noise at all so I can put them really fast. I just don't want it to overheat in my old case with nmot much airflow