Blank Screen when installing graphics driver.

Hello, So I have an Asus CM1745 which I just today installed a new graphics card on. I also installed a new power supply to support the new graphics card. I uninstalled all the AMD drivers etc, then installed the new GeForce GTX 650 graphics card. Computer booted and showed the desktop. I signed in etc and went to the geforce website to download driver. About halfway through the install process the screen went blank (as they usually do when install a graphics driver). Unfortunately it never came back. I rebooted and have rebooted several times and still a blank screen. HELP!
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  1. FYI, I'm using Windows 8. Second FYI, when I reboot and press F8 to get to safe mode..... nothing. screen still blank.
  2. I just put back in the original graphics card and the computer booted and the screen works. So I removed all traces of the nvidia software and the AMD software. Put back the new graphics card and..... now I have an error Reboot and select proper boot device. sigh. This is getting worse and worse it seems. Any assistance would be really appreciated.
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