Best Benchmarking Website.

Wasn't sure if I should put this post in the CPU, Graphics Cards, or Storage section because it sort of applies to both.

I was wondering what is the best site to use for Benchmarking Video cards, CPU's, and HD/SSD's? Maybe one where I can also type in a specific card or cpu or ssd or whatever and it will give me statistics on it as well as comparisons. Not necesarily GPU's but even more speicifcally graphcis cards.

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    GPU: this is the best.
    Furmark stress test too.
  2. Well I think thats all you need.
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  5. Depends if you want to do your own benchmarking, or just lookup other peoples results.

    Some places to lookup results include (<== Our site),140.html

    Always makes sense to collect a range of results from different sources however.
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