GTX 460M runs very hot.

Hi guys, I'm fairly new here but that's besides the point. Recently I've been noticing my GPU (Nvidia GTX 460M) has been running hot. And it wasn't recently that it got hot, Since I got the computer it has been idling around 50 C and under full load hovers around 80-90 C. It will sometimes hit 90 C and then the fans will blast making a huge ruckus in my room in an attempt to cool the card down. The GPU is in an Asus G73SW laptop, which supposedly has real good cooling fans. Yet they can't keep the card running at a reasonable temperature. Can anyone help me on why the card runs so hot? Thanks!
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  1. That's perfectly normal for a laptop GPU. Laptop GPUs and CPUs run a lot hotter than their desktop equivalents EDIT: counterparts, and usually both are fine up until 100C, at the very least.
  2. Thanks for the help. I guess I was getting a little worried about the temp, That gives me some reassurance. I should probably invest in an additional cooler to keep the temperature down as well though.
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