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I just bought a Gateway DX4870-UB318 computer. I wanted to upgrade the vid so I bought a Evga Geforce GTX 650TI. I upgraded the power supply to hold it. 12+ is 40A. Minimum requirement was 20a. Anyway after installing the pci-e and hooking it all up, the computer boots to no signal if the card is powered. If I change to the hdmi on the onboard it works fine. Just wont show vid from the new card. I searched the bios to see if theres a way to turn off the onboard but nada. Any ideas? Ive never had this happen. I know my way around computers but this one is baffling me. Any help is appreciated. Oh and cant find anything on Gateways website about disabling, everything says it should switch on its own. :fou:
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  1. exact same computer and same problem, will come back here if i find a solution
  2. Just wanted to post on here so nobody else has to deal with this frustration.

    In order to get a video card booting with this desktop, you have to do the following:

    In the BIOS:

    Disable Secure Boot
    Move over to the Boot tab
    Change the boot type to Legacy
    Then Save and Exit and hook up your video card

    With Legacy enabled, it will boot your video card bios and work just fine.
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