Dell Precision 670 Gaming PC

hi guys

i have a dell precision 670 with gtx 460 video card and only 4 gb of ram i would like to increase the ram to either 8 gb or go for the max 16 gb
standard ram is 400mhz acn i get faster ones for this machine and if so which ones

i will be running windows 7 and also installing a memory fan if i can find one

big pete
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  1. Here's a spec sheet to refer to:

    Your system supports a maximum speed of 400mhz. You CAN install faster RAM... but it won't go faster than 400 mhz.

    As to increasing the amount of RAM, do you use more than 4GB RAM while operating? Most people don't, and far less need more than 8. I'm all for maxing out specs, but if you don't need the RAM, it won't improve your system at all.
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