HD 6950 2GB

I have had this card for over 2 years now and i have always played games on my 47" tv in the front room. latley i have been noticed stuttering in games mainly when crouched. When i run fraps counterstrike GO says i get 168 fps all games seem really smooth and i mess with vsync alot at first i thought it was my wireless keyboard but I binned it any ideas would be helpful thanks
windows 7 64 home
2500k stock
6950 unlocked to 6970
8Gb ram
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  1. so the card is overclocked?

    Have you ran any stress tests for the GPU?
  2. yeah its fine 75c after 10 hours shes solid always has been i think its something silly i am overlooking
  3. if i turn vsync off its super silk but it tears i hate tearing
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