33-38 FPS on Asus Nvidia GTX 660ti Direct cu 2 in WOW

Hi folks, since last few days i have been noticing a sudden drop in FPS in game i play wow mists of pandaria i have been doing 25 man raidings and been playing Battlegrounds with like 30-40 people i noticed that when i am fighting a boss in closed area i.e. a room .palace etc my fps is around 60 but when i do pvp in battleground in an open zone my fps drops to 32-38 i am really sad to see such a drop in FPS my system is just 3-4 moths old here is my setup

i5 3570 k @ 3.4 GHZ
Asus P8zv77 mobo
Corsair 8 gb ram
Asus nvidia gtx 660ti
650 watts Corsair PSU

One more thing is that my mobo is pci 3 and gc aswell but its showing pci 2 in nvidia control panel and please tell me what should i do to increase my FPS thank you.....

The ingame setup includes Multisampling which i currently have on 4x should i use the ingame settings or the GC settings?
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  1. If there are lots of people on screen your FPS will drop by a larger amount. Lower some settings to raise your FPS as a whole if you can't stand the FPS drops.

    Maybe overclocking your CPU will help.
  2. Thanks so its CPU related ? my gc is fine? and can i manually overclock the cpu?
  3. well it's not hardware problem. I also have same pc as you do. I play mmo and in larger player places fps drop down. Due to game optimization and internet connection + hardware hard load.
  4. And my friends who have stronger pc. gtx680+I-7. have the same fps drops.
  5. Everyone will experience drops in large player battles as the work needed to calculate that many players on screen is a large CPU task.

    Look up CPU overclocking guides for your CPU on the web. It is all done in the bios.

    The FPS drops have nothing to do with connection. That would cause lag and people to zip around but not low FPS.
  6. Thank you all for the answers one more thing is that i have corsair vengance ram so if i overclock my cpu i would need a cooler and i am afraid the ram will interfere in installing the cooler any suggestions pls?
  7. I like the hyper 212 evo. you could move your ram to the pair of slots that isn't right next to is without issue.
  8. WoW is a VERY OLD game, it is more CPU-bound than GPU when alot of characters are on your screen. In at peak time in loaded server, being in the capical city with 100+ people lowers the FPS of my system (4ghz cpu, oc'ed 7970) to well-below 60. It is normal dont worry.

    The most important part is that with a gtx660ti you should still have 60fps in a 10 or 25man raid.

    If you are able to buy a simple watercooling solution such as the Corsair H60 or the new Thermaltake Kraken, your CPU will overclocking easily to 4.4Ghz or more. My flatmate has your CPU with the H60 cooler in a mATX case, his temps are never over 60c.
  9. You could have a 3970x and still get fps drops in wow. When lots of players on the screen
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