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New to PC Games and need help

Guild wars 2 will be my first PC game. I checked my RAM and the process (using both are good except vedio card I have 8400 gs. So I am planning to get 240 GT 1G or 520 GT 2G. Which one will run the game smothlly on meduim setting?
PS: My budget can not exceed 520 GT price.
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  1. What is your resolution? At 1600x900, GDDR5 version of the GT240 will run it on mostly Low settings.
  2. 1440*900 or at least thing 1280*768
  3. Today I need to make a choice about it so I apprecaite your help :-)
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    The 240 gt should be quite a bit faster than the 520 so if thats all your budget will allow might as well pull the trigger on the 240.
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