My driver keeps crashing

I've tried v310.90 3.13.96 and 314.07. They have all crashed on me when I leave my computer idle. When ever I wake up my computer from sleep it'll say (driver version) had stopped working and has successfully recovered. Sometimes I'll see green dots on my screen and then they'll go away after I start using my computer. I am using a 660 Ti. I have overclocked the card before for benchmarking purposes but this had started happening ever since I updated to 310.90. Is my card damaged? or is it all the drivers just don't work?
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    downgrade your drivers. use the ones before 310.90
  2. I would not be OK with simply going back to an old driver with the issues you're having. The current drivers are solid, and your 660Ti is a modern card that benefits from having the latest drivers. So let's troubleshoot.

    Is your GPU overclocked now? Are you upgrading the drivers by using the "clean install" option? Have you tinkered with any of the power saving options in your BIOS (for CPU or GPU)? The green dots you brought up are very peculiar...but I'll hold off stating my opinion until you provide more info.
  3. no I never OC unless I want to benchmark or maybe get a little performance boost when I'm playing pc games. I did one time accidentally oc 200+ MHZ when I was just trying to doing 20 and the driver/benchmark crashed immediately (i'm not watercooling). I'm pretty sure I've used the clean install version but I suppose I could try again. I use an ASUS mobo that comes with UEFI BIOS and instead of tinkering with every option I chose the performance option in the BIOS which apparently OC my cpu to 4.2GHZ when I start running things such as PC games. I have absolutely no idea if it effects the performance of my graphics card or not.

    Here's basically my main components of my comp:
    i5 3570k
    660ti pe/oc version
    Asus p8-z77lv LK which comes with gpu boost and epu boost (their switches on the mobo)
    620w psu
    I don't think any other of the components would contribute to the crashing of my driver
  4. Now that I've just read what those switches do, apparently it only affects the IGC on my cpu. I leave the switch on, so...I'm wondering if that, in anyway is affecting my driver. I also leave the EPU switch on which is suppose to save power.
  5. You should set all options in your UEFI to default and test it out like that. Also, avoid using the stuff like "performance" options. No need. Set it all to default and do a manual OC on your CPU - 4.2Ghz with the 3570k is very simple and safe, and by doing it yourself you will most definitely use less voltage than if you use any sort of auto OC options. I have your CPU, I can help you with OC'ing manually (it's so easy) after you confirmed that everything is OK with default settings.
  6. Yeah I'm having trouble finding where in the advanced settings of my BIOS I can OC. I looked on YT videos there are with the UEFI BIOS but they're not really explanatory especially when someones talking in french or whatever.
  7. Did you try just setting your UEFI back to default - it could just be under something like "set to default and save"?
  8. yeah I did that. And it looks like my driver has stopped crashing now
  9. actually my driver is still crashing. it crashed while I was playing a pc game. I oc'ed 150+mhz then it crashed and recovered. Then I lowered it to 100+mhz then it both of my screens just went out and then started buzzing
  10. actually i also have a problem with my drivers crashing i also have an i5 3570k oc to 4.2 and a two 660 sli together also both o ccore +40 memory +300 any ideas on what could be causing this? thanks
  11. Had this issue with my 660ti.
    It looked like when I was playing games it would take to much load and crash on itself and I tried to find a fix and the only thing that worked was under clocking my card -50MHz (that is what I used you could test other clocks) with MSI afterburner.

    I upgraded to a MSI GTX760 and had no issues afterwards and my friends have GTX670's and do not have the issue.
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