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Hello, i have intelg33/g31 and i was wondering if i could upgrade and if i can what would you recommend am runningwindows 7 ultimate 64bit with 4gig of ram and mt cpu is intel celeron330@250ghz
thanks for any assistance in this matter
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  1. 250ghz? okay
  2. It is better to get new cpu.any games will have struggle on that up more and get good cpu.
  3. I hate to drop this on you but you have a 6-9 year old system. If I were you, I'd stop putting money into your existing system, and start planning out a new one. At some point "upgrading" an outdated system is just a money pit that will go nowhere. Even a bottom-of-the-barrel entry level built today would yield to noticeably better performance and improved efficiency than your current system. What are you options financially?
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