Installing SSD to old system, How to transfer over Windows 7 only?

Needed some advice while I am trying to think this all through. I have an older system, built it at the end of 2010, and I want to do certain upgrades to the computer. One of them of course is to install an SSD and place the operating system onto the drive. The computer currently only has a 1 TB HDD, partitioned in two seperate drives for storage and operating system (some programs are still within the operating system drive).

Is there a software or method where I can clone JUST the operating system and transfer it from the HDD to the SSD? Would there then be another method where i could eliminate the version of the HDD so the operating system would just be on the SSD?

I know there is not much detail here, more of a general question as I think this through. If I need to supply more information to ensure this question is answered successfully I will be more then happy to supply.

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    What software you use depends on whether the SSD is bigger or smaller than your C: operating system partition
    If hard drive C: partition is bigger than SSD you may have to partition and format SSD drive then copy files (XXClone) rather than use a program which copies all sectors in partition to new drive.

    I assume your PC runs Windows 7 (as PC built in 2010 it may be Vista)
    Software suitable for XP often not usable on Vista & 7 especially due to hidden boot manager or recovery partition before C: partition which also needs to be copied

    A number of software companies provide free versions of their software
    Paragon, Easeus
    Some SSD companies provide a program to move files from hard disk to SSD.

    Drive letters may change and your second data partition on hard disk may no longer have same drive letter (D: ?) This can be changed in Disk Management

    You then need to optimize the operating system for running on SSD

    I did this recently old C: was 80GB new SSD 120GB Windows starts up in about 1/4 or 1/3 of previous time

    If not careful Windows & AV software may detect change and need to be re activated (if files copied rather than sectors copied)


    Mike Barnes
  2. I would leave the current installation on the HD in case your SD goes south.

    1. Disconnect HD data cable and install SSD
    2. Install Windows to SSD and do updates
    3. Turn off and reconnect data cable.
    4. Install programs over themselves to set registry entries on SSD Windows
  3. Thanks to you both, this actually gives me a few ideas on how to handle this.
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