Should I upgrade my Graphics card or Processor?

I was thinking about upgrading my nVidia GTX 560Ti to a nVidia GTX 670 FTW. But before that I wanted to upgrade my AMD processor and motherboard to a Intel. I have an AMD A10-5800k 3.80GHz (4.20GHz With XBoost on). Was wondering if the CPU would hold up with the Graphics card.
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    Are you running at 1080p or higher? If so, you'll see definite improvements with the GPU upgrade.

    Getting the Intel would have to be considered as a future investment as you won't see much of a performance improvement keeping the 560Ti and just replacing the processor and motherboard. By the time you got around to upgrading the GPU, it might be time to upgrade the platform again.

    I think you'd be fine just upgrading the GPU.
  2. I am running at 1080p and most of the newer games I am running at mid-high and some I am running at Max, Thanks for the reply, I think I am going to get the GTX 670 FTW and later get the Intel.
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