How do i get sound on this monitor DVI/VGA

Hi, first post here though these forums have helped me a lot in the past :)

First off, I have been searching for a while but could not find an answer. My problem is that i recently purchased an Asus VS228N 21.5" monitor, and the only ports it has is 1 DVI and 1 VGA port. Nothing else. From searching, I have found that neither DVI/VGA carry audio, so how will i get audio to play from my monitor? It has speakers along the side so I'm assuming there must be some way to use them.

My motherboard is an ASUS P8Z77-V LX, and my video card is a Gigabyte gtx 670, if that helps. Currently my monitor is connected through a DVI cable since the VGA isn't working but that's a different topic. Any help with this problem is greatly appreciated :)
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    Are you sure about the speakers? The specs don't mention speakers:
  2. No, they just looked like speakers :o

    Can't believe I didn't check, now I have to try get a refund or buy external speakers :(
  3. Speakers on monitors are always awful anyway. Get a $40 set of external speakers and it will sound much better.
  4. Ok, thanks. Any particular brand i should go for?
  5. I have Logitech Z313. They are ~$40. My first set died and I got them replaced no hassle.
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