Graphic card problem- solution?

Sometime when i play BF3 online i used to get this broken image and cant play ,can i know the cause of this problem and any solution will be welcomed,thnx
screen shot -broken pixel

my config core i5 3570,
Asus gtx nvida gtx 560,
ram 4gb @1600
msi h77 ma g43
ADATA 128GBssd
psu aerocool 700watt e80

COOLING SYSTEM i have removed my side panel casin and use i big normal fan

help plz this is really anoying
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  1. I'm thinking that you either need to upgrade drivers and/or check GPU temps.
    That would explain the crazy graphics, but not sure why it's saying "SOINS" when it should be saying "BONUS"
  2. "soins" means medic kit.. my game is in french
  3. driver is up tp date, what is the normal temp for my gpu asus gtx 560?? asus
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