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Do all 7000 series cards support Discrete Digital Multi-Point Audio?

February 19, 2013 4:07:08 PM

I've searched the web for hours & can't find a definite answer - do all amd 7000 series cards (regardless of manufacturer) support discrete digital multi-point audio or is this a feature that is specific to each individual card?

What's throwing me is that some of the manufacturer's pages don't mention ddm audio for the card but then I'll come across a review that says the card has it.

What I'm trying to accomplish is:

Running windows media center on a 24" 1080p TV via HDMI PLUS an additional triple monitor setup with audio from at least two of the 3 monitors (all 24" 1080p TV's)

I don't play games. I'd like to be able to watch WMC (in background - silicon dust homerun prime triple tuners over home network), watch a video in Chrome on one of triple monitor setup & use the other 2 monitors for office apps, email, light photo editing, etc

My plan is to get a card with ddma that has an HDMI port plus 2 mini displayports (& use active adapters to convert to HDMI) plus a DVI (for the monitor without sound)

I built my first computer last summer: AMD A8-3870 apu 3ghz, Asus FM175A-vEvo Mobo, 8gb ddr3 1600 mem, Win 7 X64 professional (this is the one I want to add the video card to)

I currently have 2 monitors hooked up & get message performance is slow when watching a video in Chrome on one monitor while surfing the web on another (or using excel). I don't have enough experience to know if this is normal or if I've not done something right.

Any help will be appreciated