MSi 660 Ti PE OCed, settings for crysis 3?

guys just want to ask what would be my settings for crysis 3 on these specs

MSi 660 Ti PE OCed (Factory OC)
8gb G skill ares 1600
Msi H77 board

settings and FPS should i expect for it?
or is it worth it to upgrade to a Sapphire 7970?
thanks you guys
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  1. You won't be able to max it past a resolution of 900p, I can tell you that, and maybe not even that.

    My friend's stock GTX670 can barely max it on his cruddy 1440x900 monitor, anything high like 1920x1080 and GOOD LUCK is what i can say.

    And no I don't think a 7970 is worth it to upgrade just for 1 game, and if you wanted to improve your performance it's much more economical to add a 2nd GTX660Ti.
  2. i forgot my screen resolution is 1920x1080.
  3. i cant sli because my board is only a MSI B75
  4. It depends on what anti-aliasing you want and also frame rate.
    I can pull good numbers on my rig 1080 on "very high". But i have to turn down anti-aliasing to FXAA.
  5. polod said:
    i cant sli because my board is only a MSI B75

    You're card is good. I wouldn't throw a few hundred dollars on a new card just because you can't run ultra. Wait for optimization!
  6. hi so i played crysis 3 bought it last night but my temps of my card reaches 74c while very high setting in all and 2xSMAA is it safe? or should i worry? havent OCed it just the factory settings
  7. It depends on the type of airflow you have in the case, and the ambient temp in your room.
    It is not a dangerous temp, 80 is where i start to worry. :)
  8. it reaches 75c this morning.. my airflow i thinks lacks fans, got only 200mm side intake, 2 front intake and 1 back for exhaust thats it.. would adding 3 fans, 1 at the bottom as intake, 2 in the top for exhaust would improve my temp?..
  9. It totally depends on you climate.
    You sound like you have plenty of airflow to me. What is your cards fan speed?
  10. i set it in auto in afterburner, it reaches 1920rpm on 74c
  11. Make yourself a custom fan curve, settings>fan. Have a pretty low fan speed up untill 60C then just have a flat bar to 80C at whatever fan speed you find comfortable in terms of noise.
  12. how do i do that, im really a noob ei, would it help with my temp of my pc and noise dont affect me as long as it helps with my temp of my card, this crysis3 really made my rig scream heheheh
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