XFX 7950 Core Edition Install Question

I am currently running an XFX 7770 ghz ed. GPU; I will be receiving an XFX 7950 Core Ed. via UPS today. Do I need to uninstall my current drivers before I plug in the new card? I recently downloaded the 13.2 driver update. BTW I am a complete uber nub within the PC upgrading world, so I apologize if this is a ridiculous question.
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  1. you can keep the drivers as both cards are from the same family. if you were going from amd radeon to nvidia then yea you would remove the drivers first
  2. So, correct me if I'm wrong; it should just be plug and play? Thanks for the quick reply
  3. You can just plug and play but I'd suggest you reinstall the drivers anyway, it only takes a few minuets.
  4. yes plug and play
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