Crysis 2 FPS with GTX 570 SLI

I was wondering if this was normal at all, but it looks like that when I play Crysis 2 Maxed out with both DX11 and Hi-RES texture packs, the game keep skipping from 60 fps to precisely 40. Whitout a reason appearently, even when I stop and look in the same direction for a while.
Any ideas?

My rig components are:
Palit GTX 570x2 SLI
Intel i5-3570k 3.40 Ghz
Corsair Vengeance 6gb Ram
Windows 7 64bit

Thanks in advance
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  1. Is Vsync enabled? (60->40 FPS implies a 120Hz monitor with Vsync) High-res texture packs can eat up your VRAM pretty quickly and can significantly affect your FPS.
  2. Yes, Vsync is active, but my monitor is not 120Hz. It's this one:
  3. Ensure that:

    a)v-sync is DISABLED in crysis settings
    b)adaptive v-sync is enabled in Nvidia control panel for all applications.

    See if that helps.
  4. Try turning your graphics down with Vsync on and see if it'll go to 120fps, because 40fps is impossible with 60Hz Vsync (double buffered).
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