Is there a Radeon Eyefinity 6 with a VGA display?

Or an Eyefinity 4? I could have sworn I saw one but right now looking through amazon and amd's catalogue I can't seem to. I'll look them up again later tonight, but I don't think so.

Even though the sticky on this subforum recommends not to use VGA display on multiple monitors like this, I believe I saw a description that had one VGA because there were so many of the other kind of connections it was probably ATI just not caring because there were so many and adding a vga anyways.
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  1. On any AMD/ATi video card all you need to run VGA is to use the (usually supplied with the graphics card) DVI to VGA adapter. Plugs right into the DVI port, simple as that.
  2. Sure, but I'm looking for multi monitor display setup, and Hugo Stiglitz's guide in the stick in the ATI Radeon subforum recommends to never use VGA on multi setups, probably due to the incompatibilities between digital and analogic that'll come up in contrast to the other displays I suppose.
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