Need Help With HP Universal Print Drivers in a Network with mixed OSs

I installed Win7 Pro 64bit on my new build and want the new build to have access my HP 6p over my (wired) LAN. The HP 6p is connected to a machine running 32 bit XP Pro. I want to print with the HP 6p from the Win 7 Pro 64bit machine (which will be dual booted with XP Pro 64bit as soon as that OS arrives in the mail), as well as couple of other XP pro 32bit machines, and one oldster still running 2000Pro, on the network.

Based on maroxur's advice{in this thread} I've downloaded the HP Universal print drivers (PCL5, PCL6 & PS, all 64bit). I think I will need to use the PS driver because I want to be able to print from Corel Word Perfect and Adobe Pro 7, but am not sure how to load the 64bit PS driver when I can't get the Win7 Pro machine to "see" the HP 6p printer share in the XP Pro machine it's attached to. Logistically, it would be difficult to attach the HP 6p to the Win7 Pro machine, but if that's the only way (or the best way) I could do it if I can find a good USB adapter for my parallel port. My network is a "hub & spoke", from a router, if that makes any difference.

Additionally, I've been reading about the MS/HP "Printer Isolation" protocols {} and think I should probably set up the Win7 Pro machine as the print server and then use the "Isolation mode" mode for all printers in the network, but am not sure. I added the "Print Management" snap in to the MMC, but am not really sure where to go from there.

This neophyte will really appreciate any and all help and suggestions.
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  1. are the computers using the same network Workgroup name?
  2. emerald - Thanks for your reply. Yes, all of them are in "WORKGROUP".
  3. can you see the XP computer on the network from the Win7 computer?
  4. Yes, and I can copy files back and forth between them (as well as all other computers on the network).
  5. if you double click on the XP computer under Network does it show the printer share?
  6. Yes, it does. It shows the Adobe Pro 7 as well.
  7. what happens when you right click on the printer share?

    does it show an option Connect?
  8. It trys to connect and reports "no driver found". At that prompt, should I point it to the HP UPD PS driver I downloaded? And, if I do, will I have the option to set the "Isolation" values?
  9. yes, make sure the drivers are extracted in the directory you will point to.
  10. OK. Thanks! I will try it and report back to you.
  11. I tried that, got the correct driver extracted, got the add printer "wizard" (or what ever the inflexible little pop-up box is) to agree and start to work. Fairly promptly got a failure message, "operation failed with error 0x00000214". Googled that (I don't like the idea of being lazy before I come back for more help). The best I can figure out is that it may be something to do with the need to add a printer port and/or to point the install application to a fixed IP address. I no longer use fixed IP addresses in my network & can't remember the reasoning which convinced me to moved away from them. Any thoughts?
  12. I am still looking for a solution to this problem, have not been able to find an answer on all forums I have explored, or through HP, and will greatly appreciate any and all help provided. :cry: :cry:
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