Should I buy GTX680 2GB or 4GB version?

Hi, I am about to build a gaming PC, I am kind of struggling between GTX680 2GB and 4GB version. I will only play on a 1080P screen(no multi-monitor), should 2gb be sufficient to max out games?
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  1. how about a 7970 3gb?

    personally i wouldnt spend the extra for a gtx680 over a gtx670

    a gtx670 is so close in performance to a gtx680 anyway
  2. If you're only running a single 1080 monitor and have no future plans on upgrading then 2 GB should be fine. Only situation I've heard a few people claim is playing a Heavily modded Skyrim game using a lot of custom textures at max settings was too much for 2 GB of VRAM, but worked fine with 4 GB.

    As a side note I do agree with mcnumpty23's comment that a GTX 670 is very close to a GTX 680 in performance. I'd save the extra money and run with the GTX 670.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. I would choose either a 670 4Gb or 7970 3Gb. They both offer great price/performance and can easily handle 1080p gaming.
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