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Motherboard / Graphic Card LOW FPS

Hi everyone,

I don't know much about computers or his components so i think asking for now is the better option.

I got a computer with this specifications:

Asus motherboard M5A88M -

SAPPHIRE HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 Graphic card -

Processor AMD FX 8120 3.1/4.0 GHz -

All running on 650W Corsair. After some tests and gameplay i notice some low FPS on games like The Witcher 2 or Batman: Arkham City, i need to put that almost on low to play normaly, is that right? On my perspective that configuration should make me play on high/ultra almost everything.

Below a benchmark for more details, done with Extreme settings:
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  1. Well keep in mind that Arkham City is a Nvidia game. What kind of frames are you getting in batman and what settings are you currently using. At what point does do you start receiving low frames?
  2. Ultra settings, FPS is around 20-30 on almost every fast movement, when ur climbing on buildings or something like that, just not on battles. (Sorry about my english, i know it isn't the best).
  3. No its okay. Your English is fine. Hmm interesting what about high settings what happens then? What kind of results do you get with the games benchmark tool?
  4. I found this review for the 7850 1 gigabyte card maybe try out there settings and see what you get :)
  5. Sorry, the games benchmark tool? Didn't know it, i don't have much information, but i need to put v-sync off, no anti-aliasing and medium/high textures to make it on 50-60 fps. Is possible that this motherboard or graphic card got some issue?
  6. Unlikely. I would suspect if anything the bulldozer chip your cpu which may be under performing. yes the game has a benchmark tool on the splash screen when you select your save game you go to options and all the way to the right there is a chart icon and that is the benchmark tool.
  7. Ok, i used the benchmark on the new specifications showed by

    Min - 17
    Max - 60
    Med - 45
  8. Okay well just keep in mind they did use a stronger CPU. When you play at those settings fly around are the frames okay? I would think at that frame rate you should be just fine enjoying the game.
  9. Also turning off dx11 features could help with your frame rate as well. There isn't a whole lot added to the game with it turned on versus off. Only things I noticed were details with his cape in the air.
  10. I turn this off on the options of the game or somewhere else? (Don't know if DX11 has a specific menu or something like that).
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    with the game yes.

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  13. Ok then, thanks. Anyway, this happening on other games is normal? I really don't know if that's how it is or there's something i should change, or overclock (i'm afraid to do things like that).
  14. I would just fiddle with the settings really within your games and see what you get. Also you can monitor your CPU usage and see if your CPU is holding you back at all. By using HWINFO64 and MSI afterburner On Screen Display.
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