Xpertvision 4850 hd graphic card problem. Urgent Help Please.

Recently bought this graphic card for my friend as he needed a graphic card. Once i got the graphic card i noticed i needed a 8 pin connector which someone on this forum helped me find :) i have got the connector and replaced my graphic card to test this one out. After putting the graphic card in my computer i turned it on and it doesn't seem to load up. At the start of the computer load up it comes up with saying something like this...

"Please connect power supply to hardware or something like that and also said follow a guide on how to install properly?"

Is there anywhere i can find this guide on how to install? Or is something wrong with the graphic card?

My own graphic card is a gtx 260 and that works fine. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. http://images.bit-tech.net/content_images/2008/10/palit-xpertvision-radeon-hd-4850-sonic/5.jpg

    This is the graphic card just says xpertvision in the middle and not palit but i guess they are the same
  2. Here are the pictures of what the graphic card looks like.. i have plugged everything in.. Also this is what it says on startup.

    The writing says "You have not connected the power cable to your video card, Please refer to the getting started guide for proper hardware installation"

    Where is this guide?? or Any Help?

  3. What's the name of your power supply unit?
  4. XFX pro550w core edition fully wired power supply

    Also right click on the link and "view image" to see pictures. Not sure if it is showing.
  5. What the hell dude? That power supply comes with its own 8 Pin power connection! the one you're using right now, whats it connected to? Looks like some kind of converter?
  6. check the 6pin pci e connector on the psu it should have an extra 2 pins dangling next to it!
  7. That one doesn't fit this graphic card. I had to buy a separate connector as it was totally different. This is the connector i had to buy and it fits perfect but i don't see what could be wrong with it really.

    http://www.kenable.co.uk/images/k-pcie-molex_main.jpg (picture)
    http://www.kenable.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=6337 (item info?)

    Also i have my nvidia drivers installed so i don't think they will affect it as its asking for psu?
  8. haider95 said:
    What the hell dude? That power supply comes with its own 8 Pin power connection! the one you're using right now, whats it connected to? Looks like some kind of converter?

    The power supply has a totally different connection to this graphic card connection. The wires are stored away at the side and not connected to anything.

    The connector i bought is connected to the power supply. It is the only connector that fits the gpu. I myself have a gtx 260 and needs 2 6 pin connectors and my gtx 260 works fine.
  9. I AM STUPID... THANKS MAN.. REALLY SORRY .. -.- do you know where i can find a connector that is the same as that 6 pin + 2? I need it for my friends computer. Also what driver should i be downloading... Thanks for all your help.. I am really sorry >.<
  10. Anyone know where i can get a 6+2 pin adapter molex? or a cheap power supply ? 450/550w ? that has the 6+2 pin. Thanks
  11. The cheapest decent power supply with a 6+2 Pin going right now is the OCZ CoreXstream. It costs around 30-35 quid max Here lemme get you a link


    Or you could just spend 5 pounds more and get an XFX one. Check it out its on the same website.
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