Thoughts on this 7950?
I can't find much info on it. Any owners have anything to say about it? I'm just worried about noise with the fan that is on it. Also worried about temps, but noise and temps kind of go hand in hand. I'm up for other recommendations as well, but I'm really interested in this card since it seems like crossfire would work well down the line since it exhausts heat out of the case.
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  1. Toms did a review a while back about this one but released over in Europe somewhere. From what I remember is that it was a pretty good performer.,3207-2.html



    So from what you should see is that the card performs better in the temp range and slightly higher in the noise range. however it seemed that they didn't have an issue with it seeing as it is only 41db which isn't bad. Which when compared to the reference card is almost completely quite.
  2. yea I would expect it to perform slightly higher then a normal reference card due to the heatpipe design that the card has. I'm sure it performs just fine.
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