Advice on a new monitor? Plus, can you overclock them? 75hz?

Just got a “N660Ti-2GD5/OC" Single fan OC'd 660 ti. Can't wait to install it and try it out, however I want to know what I need to do before I do it.
I'm on an older amd phenom computer with a ati graphics card. What should I do about drivers? I'm thinking it might just be easiest to re-install windows again, like a clean install. Since i've filled it up with so much junk that I don't need, would this be a good option? And could someone explain how exactly I do this? Do I need to buy a new copy of windows 7?
Or would that take way too long? what about just keeping this install. Do I need to uninstall the old drivers (for amd HD5450, my cpu is a 830 phenom ii 2.8ghz)? At what point do i get the new drivers?

What's the best way to do this? I'm kind of inclined to just clear the hard drive and start over again since its become really slow with so much crap installed and its almost full. I have a backup of my important files, but a lot of stuff is just random that I dont need/want
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  1. No you just properly remove the drivers through control panel you can use driver sweeper as well if you want to ensure that the registry entries are cleaned out as well.
    However, if you want a fresh start due to space and having junk all over as you say then perhaps a clean install would be nice. Just be sure to backup the things you do need.
  2. Also, to my knowledge you can't overclock your monitor. I know have done so with some and pushed to a higher refresh rate however I would advise against it. If you aren't using a proper 120hz monitor for high frame fps gaming or 3d gaming/movies I would sit still with what you have.
  3. I saw linus tech tips' video where he overclocked his 60hz monitor to 75hz. I also heard that some monitors came stock at 75hz. Would htis actually make a difference?
    The reason im getting a new monitor is because I want two, the one i have right now is fine, I just would like to get the best second monitor I can, so that I can use it as the main one. So like if i can find a cheap-ish 120hz or 75hz or wahtever that would be good for me

    Also are there any guides on doing clean installs? Do I need to contact microsoft or anything, like to get the security key and everything? I can easily leave it downloading and installing drivers and stuff all night so time doesn't rly matter.

    I read a guide on uninstalling the drivers but it said don't do this if you're on a ATI/amd motherboard/cpu/chipset because it will delete some of the system files or something. Will the control panel option work? Or will it do that too.
  4. Naw, I would say no. I would just go all in or not in at all. And if you are into FPS games then sure I would recommend a strong 120hz monitor by either BENQ or ASUS.

    What version of windows do you have did your computer come with a recovery CD?

    I would just uninstall the display driver from amd or the catalyst control center if you have that. Just be sure you are only uninstalling items that pertain to graphics.
  5. Yeah I guess I'll have to save up for a 120hz one. Thx.
  6. No problem. The reason people get 75 hz is to get kind of a hybrid 3d experience there is a ASUS monitor that overclocks to 75 hz natively and comes with glasses if I'm not mistaken.
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