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Okay so i closed out of crysis 3 then my computer completly died!!!! This card is brand new so i press power button to restart nothing. Start unplugging things and first thing i unplugged is video card one of the two pci power cords. Then computer boots no pic. So i plugged it back and now my pc wont start. I put my old card in and works fine with both power plugs! Im just wanna make sure before rma this to newegg and have to wait like 5 weeks Now this card is not on newegg. Great
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  1. What's your new card? Whats your old card? What do you have for a PSU? I wonder if the new one was drawing to much power and trashed the PSU. Or the voltage regulation might be bad which could fry the card. It comes down to if it's a good PSU or not.
  2. That is an excellent PSU, your out of my specialty now, I would say the GPU fried itself, but someone else might will have something else to say to you.
  3. Thats good to hear i didnt go cheap on that! Its always better to over do it then under do it lol. Now newegg is trying to contact sapphire customer service its still under neweggs warrenty.
  4. So what cause this to die when i exited the game? When i say died my pc stoped all lights were on and nothing had to hold power botton. Would not boot or post with the two pci cords plugged in. IF i unplugged one it boot you would hear windows start through speakers but no pic. Plug both in and wouldnt boot again. I running my old 6850 with both pci power plugs and its fine.
  5. the card is dead my friend. your pc wont turn on coz of a mosfet shorted in the cards power ckt. w/c causes the psu not to turn on. just rma it. if no waranty, a good techie can figure out the problem.
  6. Now i cant play crysis 3 on very high settings. lol its being rma to newegg today
  7. you can still play in high settings with that hd6850 in lower res while waiting for your new card
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