Problems uninstalling old drivers, command prompt error

Following a thread I read, I went to device manager, uninstalled the ati graphics adapter driver, and then downloaded drive sweeper and chose to uninstall the ati graphics thing there too. It asked me to reboot so I did and then it came up with a command prompt screen titled "C:\windows\System32\cmd.exe"

"c:\program files\ATI Technologies\"and then has what looks like a X with a circle around it
Then it says "Are you sure (Y/N)?" What does this mean?

Did I accidentally delete something I shouldn't have? Is it asking me to delete the whole ati thing? I'm afraid I did something horribly wrong. D:

Haven't clicked anything yet, I am too afraid that it will break my computer. This is my first time upgrading graphics cards.

HELP ASAP PLEASE :o :bounce: :(
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  1. anyone? D:
  2. C:\windows\System32\cmd.exe is the command prompt.

    And yes, just press 'Y'.
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    cravin said:
    anyone? D:

    First, don't install free programs like "driver sweeper."Or any other "free" tools from the internet.
    Windows operating system needs NOTHING, downloaded free from the internet, to run correctly.
    When you install these "free" programs, you risk corrupting your operating system. You are also leaving your computer security full of holes.
    You may not realize this now, but sooner or later you will LEARN.
    Until you LEARN you will continue to SUFFER.
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  5. Wish I had knew this beforehand. But I just read that it can help completely remove all of the old drivers that windows sometimes misses.
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