Upgrade to Titan or wait till GTX 780(70)?

I was planning to upgrade my rig again and was thinking about a getting a new Haswell CPU and a next gen Nvidia card. Then Titan was announced and I've been presented with a quandary. I have the cash to get one, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. One thousand dollars is a lot of money for a card that performs under the 690. So I was wondering, does anyone think that we'll see a solid card in the 700 line at a more reasonable price anytime soon? Thanks for any feedback!
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  1. nobody said Titan wasnt the new 780 that I know of. Until they actually announce the 700 series lineup noboby knows...
  2. Probably better to hold your breath for a few days until accurate benchmarks on the Titan actually come out.
  3. I would also wait a few days for tom's to release the benchmarks. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to the titan - and those I think you'll have to decide what's more important for yourself. There's sli/xfire, memory bandwidth, vram, heat, power, compute, noise, ventillation, space, and good old graphics performance to consider, as well as anything general that I left out.

    Personally, if I had the money, I would probably get it simply because I prefer single gpu set-ups over dual ones. Also, its the "cool" factor of owning one. But for performance I'd totally get two 7970's.
  4. It's a terribly overpriced card to tell the truth. And it has so much RAM that it makes me assume that it was specifically tailored to fit 2 types of gamers:

    1. The super rich PC enthusiast Nvidia fanboy, who buys 3 of them to run them with his 7680x1600 3-monitor surround setup.

    2. And the PC noob with too much money to spend who just goes for whichever card has the most VRAM thinking it makes all the difference.

    It's kinda cool I admit, but I probably wouldn't buy it unless I was making like +5k a month after taxes. The value is terrible.
  5. Tough question. What can we tell as of now? It appears it is a bit slower than the 690 and 680's in SLI and, of course, 7970's in CF and the 7990. However, it has several significant advantages.

    About half the power drawn per GPU ability. Actually pretty significant when placed against a few 7970's, a Titan draws about 250W less. That equals quieter fan and reduced power supply size/cost, which can be quite significant when you are comparing quad 7970's vs. two SLI Titans.

    No SLI/CF hassle. Many games simply don't work with SLI/CF and you are stuck with the single card performance. The Titan really shines here.

    Overclockable. Reading between the lines, with the auto-overvotage combined with overclocking could mean significant extra speed. Who knows? Maybe even 20% more which would at least equal 7970's in CF.

    SLI Titans would kill most any game. As of now, I think two Titans would kill any game. For the foreseeable future, triple Titans would be future proof for years to come.

    700 series isn't until late 2013, or perhaps later. No word on exactly how much faster these will be.

    In another words, as cook said above, wait at least until the performance is realeased, then you can more effectively make a decision.
  6. If you are in that price range you may want to check out the Asus Ares ll, currently the most powerful graphics card in the world.
  7. The Asus Ares isn't really in that price range though. I haven't seen it under $1500 and that is quite a bit more than the Titan.
  8. Unless you're running three 120hz monitors at at least x1600, there is no reason to purchase a GTX Titan.
  9. For the price of 1 Titan, you are better off with 2x GTX670 FTW's + 2x Heatkiller Waterblocks & Backplates + Pump + Rad....
    Spending more than 2x as much for a 20-30% performance gain (where it counts; it does scale higher in some games, and far worse in others...) is NOT a wise move.
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