Odd problem with external display monitors.

Hello and thanks for the assistance ~_~

So I have an odd problem hopefully someone here can shed some light on it as I have no clue how to fix it at this point. I have a Westinghouse 32" monitor connected via HDMI cable to my m17x R3 laptop. Recently I bought an SSD and installed a new windows OS on it and formatted my old system. Upon installation when I connect my 32' my system reads the TV as 2 monitors instead of one.

The ONLY solution I've had recently was going into device manager and disabling NVidia then re-enabling it which caused the 3rd mystery monitor to disappear and performance to go back to normal.

What's more odd is that when I restart my system there are 1 of 3 random possible outcomes:

1) 20% of the time problem is fixed and there is no second monitor.
2) 20% of the time windows Aero is disabled and I have 3 monitors.
3) 60% of the time windows Aero is working and I have 3 monitors.

Recently I've tried multiple fixes based on just random theories:

1) Bought a new HDMI cable - didn't fix.
2) Marked SSD as active partition and completely removed first OS and everything in it - didn't fix.
3) Updated Intel and Nvidia drivers and tried other version - didn't fix.
4) Copied my old systems drivers to my new system as the old system never had this problem - didn't fix.
5) Updated BIOS - didn't fix.

Below are SS's of what I am seeing. The main problem I am having is that this problem is causing major performance issues with my system. My overall speeds have dropped to 1/5th of what they were previously during gaming sessions and the screen has been flickering etc.

Device Manager: (3 Generic PnP Monitors)

Windows Screen Resolution Panel: (3rd Ghost monitor)

Nvidia Control Panel: (3rd Ghost monitor)

To anyone that can help or has an idea on possible fixes I'd gladly appreciate it. The HDMI cable I bought is 25' so I am going to test it out on my 40' TV to see if the problem replicates itself to perhaps gain a better understanding of why I am getting the ghost monitor.
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  1. Did you download and install the motherbd drivers from Dell?
  2. Yeah, I've downloaded all the drivers from that page and there's nothing unknown on Device Manager. I called up AW tech support and they said its probably an issue with the installation of the new OS and drivers because I was suppose to do it in a specific order and I didn't. Anyway, I'd like to avoid a clean install if possible so I'll just hold off on that solution lol.
  3. Well I've done a clean install and installed the drivers in the proper order. Didn't work. Third mystery projector is still there. I am out of ideas.
  4. Answer: Okay so I actually found the route of the problem from several trial and error methods. I'll post my solution here in case anybody else runs into this kind of problem.

    The problem was that when I formatted my original system I copied all the installation files from my (C/Dell/Drivers) folder to my (H) back up external 1TB hard drive. From there on my new OS I had ran the setup.exe files FROM THE BACK UP DRIVE. Apparently this can cause errors with the installation of drivers and my system was booting up from the drivers on (H) External and my new (C) Internal OCZ SSD resulting in dual monitors.

    As for the problem with Aero being disabled, I had to reinstall my Intel Graphics 3000 driver by copying the original in my (H) Back up drive to my new internal (C) Drive.

    I first noticed something wrong when I looked inside my back up and found a hash named folder (4DSJAK-JAW32-DAJSK2-JAS-ETC-ETC-ETC). Inside it was all the Intel Graphics HD 3000 files. From there I turned off all my applications and attempted to eject my (H) drive while running Unlocker to make sure nothing was using it and getting the "Currently in use" error with Unlocker reporting no applications using it. I finally unplugged my (H) drive and did 5 restarts all perfectly booting windows properly. From there I replugged my (H) drive and noticed I got the triple monitor / aero disabled problem constantly so I found it was my installation of drivers from the back up drive which is what caused the problem.

    So solution: Copy all installation files from your back up drive and put them in your driver folder then unplug your external hard drive and begin installation of the drivers in the proper order.

    Anyway, everything is working great now so I hope someone with this similar problem reads this.
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