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OK here's the deal. I've spent several hours trying to see if it's even worth trying to upgrade my old Thinkpad i1400, which has Windows 98 and only a modem internet connection. Obviously in today's world it's wireless or nothing. So...I've read that I could upgrade to Windows 98SE, and on the used disk is only about $15. I also read that 98SE has a lot of glitches. However, I already have an XP disk (don't know how I got it) but it may be corrupted, because it never finishes the installation on the thinkpad---goes completely blank after about 10 minutes. One problem is the limited hard disk space on the i1400 --- about 2.5 GB for both the C and D drives respectively. There is less than 1 GB on the C drive free and XP takes up almost 800 MB. I'm afraid to wipe clean Win98 and replace it with XP, and for some reason I can't install XP to the D drive. Even if I could accomplish this, will XP be the magic bullet that gets me wireless on this dinosaur of a laptop?
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  1. how much memory does the laptop have?
  2. Just installing XP on the computer won't do you much good, you also need to buy a wireless network card for it. Then you need to make sure that the laptop has XP drivers or will work with XP as it at least, otherwise your PCMCIA ports won't work to run the wireless card.
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