550 ti or 7770

For a budget build, what would you recommend?

Would be extremely helpful and appreciated if you could provide benchmark results. Which one would give me better gaming performance?

I will be rolling with either 6300 or 3570k CPU, depends on how much money I have when it comes to buying the computer.
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  1. Haha, judging by those benchmarks; it's more than definitely worth getting the 7770 as you can get it for more or less the same price and max £10-20 more. Thanks :-)
  2. I go for a 650 Ti or 7770
  3. The Radeon hd 7XXX series got huge performance boost since the anandtech bench. So, the deal is even sweeter now.
  4. 7770, I have 7750 and when bought that I don't even think about 550Ti in the same price range and by that logic I assume 7770 > 7750 >>> 550Ti IMO.
  5. 550TI performs a bit better then the 7750. So more like 7770 > 550TI > 7750.

    I'd still stick with the 7770.
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