Will the gtx 650 fit the asus cg5270 motherboard

I have an Asus cg5270. I upgraded the gpu to a gts250 and the psu to a TX 650 a few years ago. Its been great but I want to get one last generation from it so I can play the crysis 3.
I know the MB has a 2.0 gpu socket.
Can I install a gtx 650 with 3.0 support. What would you do. I will probably replace the PC in 3 years Max.
Than you for your response
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  1. Yes, but you will only get 2.0 speeds and not the 3.0 ones. A shame, but at least it's better than what you have now, right? Just make sure that the money is worth the upgrade for you. (Sorry, not too knowledgeable on Nvidia cards)
  2. Oh yeah, I would hitch the 650 and go for the AMD equivalent, and HD 7750 (or 7770 just for the extra boost). That's just me though. So, more or less, I would dump this

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125444 (also have a $110 1GB counterpart),

    and get this


    or this


    But again, I just prefer AMD over Nvidia.

    Quick reference to performance

  3. Yes your right. I notice in the comparison chart AMD has just a little more.
    Considering what I'm doing, it would be nice to find a gtx 590 or something similar. They are above my budget as im a DV on a fixed income but maybe there's one out there that needs to sell. I don't play on the web. Just fps offline.

    Thank you again
  4. PS. I know I should not have written gpu in place of graphics card.
    Also I meant gtx580 above. Even a 660 is higher up right?
  5. Thanks again for the adviseI was in the process of following it when I found a new gtx 560 w 2g at zBB for $126.00.
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